Play your music with Bluemindo

Bluemindo aims to provide a very simple audio player under GNU systems in PyGTK, without any GNOME dependencies.
Actually, there are a few players that make everything (but the coffee). That's not our goal: with Bluemindo, you can play your music. That's all.

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You can join the Jabber room via a Jabber client at this address or via your webbrowser here. Feel free to go in our forums!


Take part in the developement!

If you want to help and contribute in Bluemindo or just want to know more and more about Bluemindo's developement, you really should follow theese links.


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Bluemindo comes with 5 view-modes. You can choose between a lightweight (only playlist), basic (tree and playlist), normal (like many others players), full (very beautiful and original way to browse your music) or albums (list of all albums).
Web oriented
When you are listening at your music, Bluemindo can download the current lyrics or a picture for the album (from Amazon) and for the artist (from
Bluemindo is currently available in Brazilian portuguese, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Slovak and Swedish.


Official plugins

Send playing notifications via PEP (Personal Eventing via Pubsub).
Send playing notifications to your Audioscrobbler profile.
Show a desktop notification for the current playing song.


Better idea?
Start writing your own plugin by reading this page.